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Frequently Asked Questions

We bring buyers
through your door

At the heart of what we do we are artist working in the field of

Great photographs bring prospective buyers directly to you. We understand this, which is why we use the highest quality cameras, lighting, and retouching for every photograph — no matter what. Led by architectural photographer Mike Finkelstein, Duplex finds success by helping you sell your listings more quickly, and for a higher price tag. That’s why we are trusted by the top salespeople in New York City and the entire tri-state area.

The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project, regardless.

Real Estate Photography0%

Marketing & Graphic Design0%

Public Works0%

Graphic Design

In every detail about you and your listing is a chance to stand out. Our graphic design services are perfect for doing just that. We design and produce everything from business cards to open house invitations, and from newsletters to listing flyers. And we do all of our work in-house with our very small team of 3, allowing for us to have complete creative control of each and every project to make sure not a single job goes by without it getting every inch of detail it deserves. Wether it be just a simple set of business cards we have designed for real estate agent clients to Open House Flyers we know that everything we work on will be seen by our future potential customers and be shown in our portfolio. So we take every single project as our most important job and this allows us to provide top of the line and high end graphic design services that our Professional Artistic Photographs deserve to accompany them. Please contact us directly for a quote on your next project.