real estate twilight shots

How do I pay?

After contacting us via our booking page or by phone at 562-655-332(2) and scheduling a date and time for your shoot. We will send you an invoice via email. You can pay the invoice with PayPal or any major credit card. Payment is required before photos are delivered.

What questions will I be asked before my shoot?

  1. Location Address?
  2. Square footage and how many rooms & baths?
  3. Who will be at the location at the scheduled time?
  4. What pricing package would you like?
  5. Any special features that need to be photographed?

How does the $150 coupon work

If you have a $150 off first shoot coupon, it will work for the Pro or Gold package. Please check our PRICING page for more details. It does not work on small or medium vacation rental packages.

When do I need to make payment?

Full payment is due before images are delivered. Your invoice will be sent out before we arrive. We recommend paying as soon as possible so that we can send your images over as soon as we are completed editing them.

When and how are my images delivered?

Real estate photos are delivered within 48 hours (usually the next day). The images are delivered via an online download link.

Do you provide MLS ready images?

Two sets of digital images will be provided to you; one MLS-ready, the other high-resolution for use with brochures, flyers, or other printed material.

Can you upload my images to MLS for me?

Yes we are able to upload your images to MLS. Just send us an email letting us know your MLS admin info and we will make sure to upload your images to the correct MLS for all future projects.

How long does it take to photograph a home?

I suggest allowing at least 2 hours for the average size home. The time required is based on the size of the home, the amount of existing light, etc. Getting professional-quality real estate photos requires more than just running through and pushing the button on the camera. We like to double check images on the all are not crooked, furniture is not out of place, etc.

For an extra large home please allow for more time, for a smaller home or condo you can expect it to be done faster then 2 hours.

How should I prepare the home to be photographed?

The home should be neat and clean. Extraneous items (pet food dishes, laundry, unnecessary clutter) should be removed to make the home look as inviting as possible.

Make sure all frames on the walls are straight, items on counter and shelves are upright and clean.

Hiring a professional home stager can be very helpful. If that’s not an option, do your best at making the house as “show room” like as possible. Perhaps set the dining room table and put flowers in a couple rooms (these can be moved around for various shots).

What is your service area?

My standard area is Los Angeles and Orange County. I’ve travelled as far south as San Diego, and as far north as Santa Barbara for an extra charge. Beyond the Orange County and LA  metropolitan area may be subject to additional fees based on distance, tolls, etc. Please contact me via our contact page or by email ( for a quote.

Do you provide Drone Photography?

Drone photography (unmanned aerial vehicle / UAV) is provided for an add-on price. (see our add-ons at the bottom of our pricing page.)

Do you offer Graphic Design Services?

In every detail about you and your listing is a chance to stand out. Our graphic design services are perfect for doing just that. We design and produce everything from business cards to open house invitations, and from newsletters to listing flyers. And we do all of our work in-house with our very small team of 3, allowing for us to have complete creative control of each and every project to make sure not a single job goes by without it getting every inch of detail it deserves. Wether it be just a simple set of business cards we have designed for real estate agent clients to Open House Flyers we know that everything we work on will be seen by our future potential customers and be shown in our portfolio. So we take every single project as our most important job and this allows us to provide top of the line and high end graphic design services that our Professional Artistic Photographs deserve to accompany them. Please contact us directly for a quote on your next project.

What is a Golden Hour/Twilight Shoot?

The objective of twilight photography is to capture the entire home during the last 90 minutes of sunlight. This includes 60 minutes before the sun sets, and 30 minutes after.

When the setting sunlight is favorable, some exteriors will be captured at the beginning of the appointment, and then the race is on to get as many interior photos as possible – before the sun goes down. Time is of the essence, so please have the home ready before the photographer arrives.

Every home presents its own challenges and opportunities and many variables can determine the number of photos; weather, colorful sunsets, where the sun sets, property size, amenities. Most homes will produce on average 4-5 Golden Hour images. If we can capture more we will provide them to you at no extra charge.

Cancelation fees?

With the exception of inclement weather conditions, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at 75% of initial price.

Do you provide home staging before photographing?

I do not offer home staging. If needed, however, I can put you in touch with a professional home stager. It’s important that your home be as “photo ready” as possible when I arrive. While I may suggest moving an item – a chair, for instance – to create a better shot, I’m not able to help de-clutter and decorate a home after I have arrived for a scheduled shoot.

Whats the best time of day to take photographs of our home?

Contrary to what many believe, bright sunny days can be the worst for interior photography. The lighting tends to be harsh and contrasty.

The ideal weather for real estate interior photography is a day when it’s lightly cloudy, when the sun is much more diffused.

The best time of day is the morning hours or during sunset hours. ( this is called The Golden Hour or Twilight.) Because we can only schedule 2 shoots a day at this time there is an extra charge for “golden hour/twlight” shoots.

What is HDR Photography? Do you shoot in HDR?

A popular trend with real estate and property photographers is toward HDR (high dynamic range) photos, where numerous exposures are combined together to create a final image. Taken to extremes – as is often the case – these photos are often eye-catching but also strangely surreal and cartoon-ish looking.

While I do use advanced photography blending methods, my goal is to provide photos of your home that look real and not overly processed like many HDR real estate photographs.