Why Choose Us? - The Golden Hour Photography
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About the Golden Hour

This is what we our architecture studio can do for you

The Golden Hour Photography is a local, full-service imaging studio based in Long Beach, CA, specializing in commercial and residential property photography in and around Southern CA.

This is what we our architecture studio can do for you

We bring buyers
through your door

At the heart of what we do we are artist working in the field of marketing. We have over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Design, and Photography. We Specialize in what we do. Real Estate agents have enough to handle why not let us help you with your marketing imagery.

We work with real estate agents & designers across a variety of sectors and the basis of our professional approach is listening to the needs of our clients.  We combine this sensitivity with visual flare and an eye for detail to create stunning photographic images.  We strive to understand the client’s vision and bring that vision to life.

Justin has been a corporate and advertising designer / Photographer for 15 years, a majority of our clients are in the Architectural and Real Estate Fiels.  Over the years, we have had an opportunity to shoot some of the best developments and architecture on the west coast and around the country.

Drawing from his background in fine arts, and film. His work is both commercial and at the same time artistic. His work emphasizes the inner dynamics of a space and how they interact with their surroundings. 

Justin’s expertise comes with over fifteen years of experience, taking the time to explore new techniques, creating his own distinct style.

Today, Justin invests the same amount of energy in every shot using top of the line professional equipment. Post production remains a task of equal in importance in the process of making high impact images. 

The firm’s partners attend to every aspect of each project, regardless.

Real Estate Photography0%

Marketing & Graphic Design0%

Public Works0%

Graphic Design

In every detail about you and your listing is a chance to stand out. Our graphic design services are perfect for doing just that. We design and produce everything from business cards to open house invitations, and from newsletters to listing flyers. And we do all of our work in-house with our very small team of 3, allowing for us to have complete creative control of each and every project to make sure not a single job goes by without it getting every inch of detail it deserves. Wether it be just a simple set of business cards we have designed for real estate agent clients to Open House Flyers we know that everything we work on will be seen by our future potential customers and be shown in our portfolio. So we take every single project as our most important job and this allows us to provide top of the line and high end graphic design services that our Professional Artistic Photographs deserve to accompany them. Please contact us directly for a quote on your next project.